About the artist


1972     Design studies at David Whitehead, Zimbabwe
1972-77  The School of Arts and Crafts.                  
1977     Studies in design, form and colour in Japan
1977-80  Works as a designer in India and Bolivia
1980-83  Works as a designer in Sydney, Australia
1987-98  Works as a designer in a danish company for the European market
1998-03  Works as a Design manager in the above company
1992 -   Starts painting seriously
1994     Starts exhibiting my paintings
1996-    Studio in Copenhagen


The advantage of Tove Skovlys construction is a higher degree of dynamics - a construction which should not surprise us, given that it is nearly 100 years ago, Picasso and Braque made art history at the other end by inventing the splintered multi-faceted Cubist worldwiev. After which nothing was the same as before. There is something special over Toves images. It is as we are thrown into the waves of a fantastic energy. Tove Skovlys paintings compel us to do away with our usual ways of looking at nature. We are surprised, both visually and physically - and isn't exactly the feeling of loosing our balance, we seek in art ? When we in a split second, can put a new pespective on life.
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Tom Jørgensen / Editor of The Art Newspaper and
Art rewiewer at Jyllands Posten